Online Collaboration Tools Guide For Better Teamwork

With the recent changes in business paradigm, more and more businesses are moving into complete remote work opportunities. As a result, it is not feasible to be physically present with all the team members and drive meetings, agendas and projects. It is the need of the hour for project management teams and managers to stay on top of things at all times for timely execution of strategies to drive project completion.

With collaboration amongst managers and their teams moving into the virtual world, the use of enterprise collaboration software has become a necessity. Managers and teams alike, find it easier to connect on a common platform to understand common goals, discuss challenges and find solutions.

The world has moved from simple excel spreadsheets to collaborative apps for work, specifically designed to offer all solutions at one place. It also tends to save revenues for business for obvious reasons.

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Regardless of whether we work in traditional brick and mortar offices or online, everyone involved must come together on a common platform to discuss project developments.

That being said, the flow of information between employees, reporting managers and amongst the team-members themselves has to be regular, consistent and positive in the spirit of business development.

Managers need to be precise and have a keen eye for details throughout the stages of project development. Planning, resource allocation, budgeting and timelines, all have to be taken care of if the project is expected to be a success. They also have the added responsibility of making sure the team performs to their utmost capacity and shine together.

This can be overwhelming to manage without technological help because gone are the days of simple excel sheets as collaboration tools for business.

Counting on professional help would save you time, energy, resources and finances. There are several collaborative apps for work available in the market that aim to help managers achieve their project goals.

However, choosing the right fit is helpful, so you spend less time understanding the tool and more on the project itself. Factors such as ease of usage, uptime, available features and costs associated should be considered before reaching a decision. Both paid and free collaborative tools exist to serve specific business needs.

Enhanced Teamwork

Teamwork is of utmost importance while performing remote work. Organisations goals can be reached if the communication between different teams, their supervisors and peer groups is clear, detailed and aimed towards a single outcome.

Crotle’s free collaboration tools offer everything under the sun for such requirements. With crystal clear information display, you can set aside more personal time.

For large and small projects alike, teamwork can be enhanced with the use of collaboration tools for business.

Some of the ways how Crotle has been assisting businesses are

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A lot of time is spent on lengthy emails describing project roles, job authority, supervision, agenda and expected outcome of the project. Physical notes on paper also act as a time-consuming affair, can not be edited and have to be typed again to be sent via electronic means.

Crotle’s work collaboration app enables assigning exclusive rights and roles for the project and gets rid of the excess time spent on these activities. You can get right down to business with its superior interface and ingenious design where workflow can be viewed, managed and optimized effectively.

Calendars, Notes and Reminders

The important points from a discussion can be quickly taken on the notes feature built inside. You can copy, edit and paste with ease and move on with your work. With calendars and reminders to assist, the chances of missing that important presentation and not meeting deadlines reduce drastically.

Ease of Access

All the necessary information is collated and quantified inside the single-screen dashboard that you can pull up with one click. The Crotlework collaboration app can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. Forget depending on your company IT infrastructure and VPNs, with the online tool that allows you to carry your data with you globally.

From project summary and schedules to task status and delegation, the dashboard renders the complete macro-view so you do not have to toggle between multiple screens. Needless to say, it is as convenient as 1-2-3.

Detail Oriented

Managers need to look at both the larger organisational vision and the task at hand. Crotle enables you to check the tiniest of details such as sub-task allocation within a task, while simultaneously displaying a broader project perspective.

Data Visualisation

Visualization of data makes it easier for managers to understand project progress in the blink of an eye.

Graphic marks and data values are systematically mapped on the dashboard to communicate the existing relationship between both. You can also check the task status and utilize the Kanban boards for better data-visualization so the team is on the same page with you, within no time.

File Stock

There is an inbuilt archive feature in Crotle which comes in handy to preserve templates, important data and information. This not only saves crucial spent to start things from scratch for a new project but also enhances performance. It also results in a significant reduction in clutter, meaning you can focus on the need of the hour.

Important files can also be uploaded to the servers and downloaded upon requirement, reducing miscommunication between team members and minimizing the risk of data loss. Track all the necessary documents, available with timestamps and set yourself for success.

Strategy Alignment

Add specific problem statements, with their required solutions in respective columns for each of the project stages. This way, each project stage shows the status of steps taken so far, phase of completion and the way forward. The team aligns easily with your strategy because you have a clear and definitive idea of where things started and where have they reached.

Resource Allocation

Crotle allows easy deployment and re-deployment of resources to specific phases without going over the hassle of task assignment all over again. Just chose the roles of each employee, edit or remove them per requirement. It is a single-step process that reduces hassles.

The tool also displays status and progress rate of on-going tasks, so on-time managerial reviews can be performed. You can check for proper solutions, without having to make stop-gap arrangements to fix an issue and risking the project success.

Host of Features

Crotle features several integrated features that make the entire operation seamless. The heart of the software is its great design, which is a combined result of meticulous detailing, user feedback and business requirements.

Besides an array of features like notes, Kanban tables, document library (archives) and calendar that come integrated into the tool to make your life easier, the tool lets you apply filters and create groups on real-time from a single account.

Crotle is different from other similar platforms as it is surprisingly easy to use, despite its bucket-load of options and features. It takes no time to get used to it.

You would be amazed at how a simple, easy to use but powerful software could completely transform your entire work from home project management experience. Click here to sign up for Crotle’s free one year trial and achieve your goals easily.