With Crotle - A work collaboration app,
the administrative wing of an organisation can easily

Manage workflow:

Handling multiple groups of employees while remote working, of different sections of an organization with equal diligence, can be quite overwhelming without proper expertise and collaboration tools for business. With us, you can easily manage such workflows, delegate tasks and set for better supervision.

Hassle free delegation:

Free collaboration software like Crotle saves a lot of delays and speeds up work by setting clear lines of order and facilitating every individual with an exclusive set of permission and further job list on the basis of their existing roles in the organisation and status of work in hand.

Smoothen out analytics:

During remote working scenarios, one of the most persistent difficulties can be in the areas of reporting and analytics. To access on-time reports of the organization as a whole and various jobs along with proper analytics related to each of them are known to be a problematic task, but not anymore. We facilitate easy and quick steps to add new members in the organization as well as project details of every task in hand to promote easy reports and analytics.

Every organisation stands upon the pillars of goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are crucial for the survival and growth of an organisation.