What is Crotle?

Crotle is a SaaS based task management tool. It enables organisation/ groups to collaborate their teamwork in an organized environment.

Who could use it?

Crotle can be used by an individual, organisation, or a team working together to accomplish a goal.

What are the benefits of crotle?

Crotle is a tool using which teams are able to communicate in an efficient manner. It has been observed that companies using Crotle have seen a surge in their efficiency and output with simultaneous reduction in confusions with team members. The benefits could be on various fronts provided the account has been setup correctly and team members use it diligently.

Who should sign up the account?

The account should be created by the organisation owner or the team Leader. This is essential because the owner is expected to be the permanent member of the team, rest of the members could change from time to time. In short, the signup should be done using the email id of the owner.

Can I ask my team member to set up the account?

Yes certainly. The team owner should ideally do the signup, create an organisation, add the setup member with admin privileges, post which the selected team member would be able to do the complete organisation setup. For the owner, the time required to spend for this would not be more than a few minutes.

How difficult is it to set up the account?

  • The setup in crotle is easy and expected time would be an average of 30 seconds per user in a mid-size enterprises. The tough part is for organisation to define their organisation structure (Owner, Departments in the organisation, Head of the Departments, Department team members, and who reports to whom in the organisation).
  • Our experience has shown that most organisation owners when asked to lay out their structure, they get embroiled into it realising that there exist multiple confusions.
Steps of SetupNotes
Use the sign up screen to create your account in crotleOwner / Team Leader should do the sign up since the account ownership is non-transferrable
Verify your email and log in
Enter your organisation name It need not be a company, it could be a team name also
Go to department – Create all the departments and assign yourself (Owner/Team Leader) as the Department head for all of themIf the owner / Team Leader want someone from his team to setup the departments and members, he could add a member under corporate department with admin rights. (Top right corner of create Member screen “Is Admin – Yes”)
Go to Members – Create your organisation setup in an hierarchy manner from top to bottom. First the senior members who report to the Owner/Team Leader, followed by their subordinates.
Reassign department head if you intent to.
Reassign department and admin rights of designated person assigned for organisation setup.
Go to Projects – Create projects, Open project and create list and task. Assign task and start collaborative communicationEnsure projects being created are categorized under their respective departments, if not they would be treated as corporate projects

***Departments are not mandatory. Hierarchy setup / reporting under members is not mandatory. Complete team can be setup as pure collaborative working.

What are the features in Crotle?

  • Features include Notes, Schedule notes, Departments, Members, Projects, Task, Document Library, Archive, EPR (Employee Performance Review) and Personal Projects.
  • Notes allow user to create a list of thoughts that could later be converted into tasks and assigned to team members. Schedules notes are upcoming task of recurring nature, (say quarterly tax filing) and would pop up on the notes list on the scheduled designated dates.
  • Departments and Members: Members are the user associated within an account. Department is a cluster of members with similar work profile and their collective task are bundled together into department responsibilities (for eg. Finance, Business Development, Production, etc.)
  • Document Library: This section of Crotle is a repository of files stored by members in their individual folders. The members can share access of their repository with other members from time to time in order to get collective goals achieved.
  • Archive: this section is the data bank of the organisation where all relevant project (completed/suspended) are stored for further reference.

What is EPR (Employee Performance Review) and what are its benefits?

EPR is a review mechanism for assessing the performance of subordinates on regular interval of time. Continuous review mechanism helps in building a better training process in the organisation and also facilitates organisation in undertaking a fair and transparent appraisal of its teams. EPR is a feature in the application and at the discretion of the organization whether to use or not.

Is Crotle a one-to-one communication or a collaborative tool?

Depending upon the nature of operations of the organisation, the setup can be done where projects and tasks are run on one-to-one mechanism or team members can.

How are the users defined in Crotle?

All users are technically members but owner and few designated members have admin privileges.

Who are observers and what privileges do they have?

Observers are guest viewers and are invited at project level. They can only view who is doing what in a project and what communication is happening and can comment on them. They are technically not users of Crotle.

I have multiple companies and resources are shared amongst them. Can I run all of them under one account?

If the users (team members) are fluid between the companies and performing task in one or all companies, then Crotle provides for running up to three companies under one account. The users would be counted once for payments purposes per account.