Why are Collaborative Apps so important for any company?

Teamwork and collaboration go hand in hand. Unless open communication and smooth collaboration ensue between teams, the company does not grow. In the case of remote teams, it becomes even more important that effective teamwork is maintained and this is where it gets tricky too. In recent times, many companies have gone fully location independent, while others continue to increase the sizes of their remote team, contributing significantly to the popularity of collaborative apps for work.

In an increasingly digital world, these tools help you get everything collated, quantified and harmonious. Read on to find out more about how they are so important for any company and how they can revolutionise yours!

Seamless Communication Process

A work collaboration app lets you cut straight to the chase! It is undeniable that e-mails completely changed the way we work when they first broke through the corporate world. But the ease that collaborative apps bring is a complete paradigm shift in itself and compared to these, back and forth communication through e-mails feels prehistoric.

Researches show that over 60% of managers miss important e-mails completely, which is a common problem faced by us all when our mailboxes are stuffed with unread e-mails. So how does a work collaboration app help instead? It lets you create virtual meeting rooms instantly, where team members can discuss trivial matters without having to type lengthy emails or even leaving their seats.

Find and remove inefficiency

Many organisations and teams have shifted from a few online meetings in day or week to full-fledged remote project management. Whilst several supervisors report missed deadlines and inefficient task execution, companies that use task management software like Crotle report a significant increase in productivity.

Sometimes in the course of routine work, critical issues take centre stage while everyday activities get ignored, only to get critical at a later stage. A task management software is a huge upgrade over excel spreadsheets that only allow a limited operation framework and virtually no creativity.


Using the Notes and Reminders feature, quick points from the meeting can be taken down without having to write on notebooks. It is an easier, faster and better way of making sure everyone is on the same page. Reminders can be set for forthcoming meetings, deadlines and conference calls, so no one misses any event. This is a one-stop solution that lets you manage your schedule and stay on top of things.

Enhanced Team Productivity

No wonder, a PGi research shows that over 88% of professionals agree to use these tools at least once in a week. In large teams scattered all around the planet, managing projects can be tough. One of the greatest benefits of an online collaborative tool lies in its ability to bring everyone under the same roof and same plan. With an advanced app like Crotle, supervisors can break the project down into smaller, achievable goals with deadlines. Tasks can be broken down into sub-tasks and assigned to specific team members, thus avoiding any chance of confusion. When everyone knows where they are going and by when they need to reach, it greatly enhances productivity.

Faster results

Project managers have to spend a lot of time and energy during the initial phases of the project to lay down roles and duties within the team. With an online collaborative tool, all this becomes a lot less time-consuming. Using the interface, all it takes is a few mouse clicks to assign or change access levels, project roles and authorities within the team. Experts say that an average employee spends one-third of their workweek with e-mails management. The repercussions of reduction in this time alone could be huge!


While e-mails can be tedious and too boring to read, especially for millennials and Gen Z, leading to missed deadlines, confusion on job roles and hazy accountability, the dashboards in online collaborative tools leave no room for confusion. Everything is marked, accounted for, and authorized.

Revolutionary Interface

A cloud-based, advanced online collaborative tool comes with a unified dashboard, much like Business Intelligence tools. It is not there just for the aesthetic appeal, but a larger purpose. When all of your shortcuts, important items, reports and features are available in a single-screen, you can feel less overburdened and more focused on the task at hand. This comes in handy when you need to extract quick points for that last-minute meeting.

File Sharing

Say goodbye to compressing files and waiting for your e-mails to exit the outbox. With an online collaborative tool, every file can be synced to a cloud file sharing service, available anytime you want. Not just that, anyone who is authorised can access these files anytime they want, from anywhere in the world. Multiple people can work on the same file through the cloud and can see who contributed what, clearly demarcating different versions and making it easier to locate the latest one. All your necessary project files can be uploaded to the document library inside the tool. You can also directly share them with teammates, without the need to download or e-mail them!

Visualisation of Data

Data visualisations make it easy to understand bottlenecks in the stages of the project, status of tasks and results. Using collaborative apps for work, systematic information can be easily extracted for quicker visualisations. Graphic marks, data values and trends can be tracked from the dashboard and the inbuilt Kanban boards can be used to make sure all the stakeholders are on the same page.

Collaborative apps and online collaborative tools have revolutionised the way remote teams communicate and work. With more and more project managers utilising these tools every day, the future looks nothing but bright for remote collaboration proponents. However, choosing the right tools for your business can make the difference between success and failure. Making sure the tool is quick to load, cost-effective, easy to use and has multiple options are some of the key things to consider before deciding one.

Crotle is an advanced online collaborative tool that offers a plethora of features that make your life easier. Its ingenious dashboard lets you view all details of the project in a single, easy to understand screen and since it is an online, cloud-based tool, you can access it anytime, anywhere as long as you have a device and internet! The inbuilt, ready ready-to to-use features like Kanban boards, notes, document library and calendars make managing projects easy. The best part? It is free to use for a year! Click here to sign up now and join the revolution in project management!