What is an Online Workflow Management Software? Why is it so essential?

Just like our personal life, our professional life exists in the virtual world as well. The members of a team or an office often work remotely and direct meetings are not possible all the time. Even if all the members are working under the same roof, managing multiple tasks and projects becomes quite hectic for the team leaders and managers. This issue has increased to a great extent during the Covid-19 Pandemic. With lockdown rules and physical meetings being a strict no-no, online meeting perhaps was the last resort. This problem can be quickly solved with an online project management software. This kind of software facilitates these teams to juggle multiple projects in an organised manner. It can be used by a small business as well as a large one. It allows project planning, resource allocation, time management, and a host of other things.

How to choose the best online project management software?

There are several benefits to using a free online project management software. You should look for the following before selecting an online task management software.

  • Art of collaboration: We all know about the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” This can very well be applied to an online project management software. It should allow all the workers to be together in one virtual bubble. Make sure that files can be shared, messages can be sent, and all the meetings can be recorded for future reference.
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime: The internet is all around us and can be accessed from almost any place. Working on a project management software is quite similar. Accessibility is essential. You must be able to work on project management softwares even from multiple devices and systems.
  • Cost-effective: A project management software is not worth it if it costs you more than you can earn from a project. Look for cost-effective management softwares or go for the free ones. Then, all you need is a good internet connection and you are good to go.
  • Easy to use: A project management software is supposed to make the task of project management easier. Don't opt for a software that is complex and will require rigorous training. Project management softwares should be designed in a user-friendly manner. Their easy-to-use interface and interactive features should make it simple for all the users.

As mentioned, there are a lot of paid as well as free management softwares. One of the best among the many free online project management software is Crotle.

Crotle- the best free online project management software

Crotle is a well-known software that allows free online project management. It is a one-stop solution for collaborative and remote working to achieve team goals. The software offers a multitude of features that makes task management more organised and smooth. Some of the unique features that make Crotle best are mentioned below.

Organisation management

This feature of Crotle ensures a smooth workflow according to roles and authority of the team and paves the way for building an effective organisation. Effective organisation enables companies to split the work amongst various departments, especially in remote working situations. It helps the workers to understand their roles better and have a clearer image of the company’s goals. A better organisation also leads to better execution of plans and better coordination between the members regarding their individual and group goals. Moreover, this feature allows the groups to complete their projects within the stipulated time.

Project management

Crotle offers effective project management tools that help companies meet their targets and productivity. The feature of project management has the following benefits:-

  • ● Helps form a connection between the members via a single, secure platform for the execution of their projects.
  • ● Instills transparency in the work process
  • ● Allows mapping out of every detail and step of a task and thus, provides better control over a project.
  • ● Creates customised workflows, catering to each member and their routine jobs.
Task management

Having a good task management tool helps in managing tasks on a day-to-day basis, delegating the same to various members of the enterprise and maintaining timely submission of the work. All these can be availed with the help of Crotle as they provide the aforementioned services and make sure their clients have a smooth working process. You can prioritise tasks over multiple projects and update them on-time. This feature is one of the main reasons it is referred to as one of the best project management softwares in the market.


This is a unique feature that makes Crotle a premium management software. The dashboard allows the manager to have a macro view of the whole taskbar. It makes it easier for them to delegate tasks, keep track and exercise better control over the overall workflow.

Document library

The document library enables document uploading, sharing and creates document uniformity. This feature allows the members to track all important files and data related to a particular project, at a single time. It helps avoid any sort of confusion and miscommunication. The team members can also download and share necessary files and documents at a centralised location.

Notes and reminders

We often get thoughts at odd times and it becomes difficult to always note them down. A project management software like Crotle allows members to note down these thoughts alongside their tasks. This maintains proper storage of important thoughts and information.

Kanban Board

A Kanban board is a management tool that enables work visualisation to maximise efficiency. The tool makes free online project management a much smoother process. It employs a system of rows and columns to effortlessly divide the work amongst workers and also helps maintain a track of the same. These boards are based on three columns.

  • ● To-do column
  • ● Work-in-progress column
  • ● Done column

Crotle has all the requisites to be one of the best project management softwares. Their high-profile clients and users have nothing but praises for the software. Hence, if you are looking for a way to manage your work and help your teams get the tasks done in an organised manner, Crotle will surely be the best thing that happened to your enterprise.

To avoid all the possible problems and issues that come with managing projects and tasks, you and your company should start using an online project management software. It not only manages the tasks but also keeps the workers happy. This will surely lead to better productivity due to a better work environment, one that is not clumsy and haphazard.