What are free Collaboration Apps? How to get a Free Collaboration Software?

The world of business is broadening its horizon rapidly which has given rise to more intricate demands and tasks. Needless to say, the taskforce is becoming increasingly mobile to meet these needs. In a situation as such, organisations are shifting to digital platforms to collaborate and communicate with teams virtually in real-time in order to stay ahead of their competitors and meet hard deadlines. This is exactly where collaboration apps come into the picture. Using a free collaboration application makes it easier for the organisation to communicate with its teams, allocate work and resources to them, share data and information at any given time and place and work effortlessly from any geographical location. The free collaboration apps help you in all the said things without charging anything.

One such free collaboration software is Crotle, which provides a free trial of one entire year for you to analyse its effectiveness and measure the success of your organisation.

What are free collaboration apps?

To understand the meaning of free collaboration apps, you must first have a basic knowledge about a collaboration app. If simply put, collaboration applications are those tools that enable smooth communication between myriad people working together in a team. It makes it easier for the employees to share their ideas that can help the business in reaching new heights. The collaboration apps come with an array of features and do not require any charge. These features could include, file sharing, data and information storage, scheduling projects, maintaining reports and so on. Firms these days are looking for free collaboration softwares that can be first tried and tested and purchased if it they meets all their requirements.

Steps you can follow to get free collaboration software?

‘Free collaboration software for your entire team!’ As exciting as this idea sounds, it is not easy to find the appropriate free collaboration software for your organisation that serves all your needs. Besides, you need such software which, although free, proves to be effective for your entire team. This will also let you discern whether you should go ahead and purchase the application after the stipulated time frame is over. To make it easier for you, below we have laid the most important steps that you need to be mindful of while choosing a free collaboration software.

Jot down your requirements

You must have a clear idea about the underlying reasons behind using free collaboration software. You must make a list of those reasons. Some of the common causes for trying out free collaboration software can be the following.

● You have never used an online collaboration software and want to give it a try.
● You want to see the difference between the results you get from physical collaboration to online collaboration.
● You want to analyse if you can handle projects better using a collaboration tool.
● You want to enhance teamwork and facilitate communication between the team members.
● You want to check the security system of the collaboration software, etc.

Do a thorough research

Thorough research is the stepping stone before purchasing almost anything. Hence, it is very important that you look at every nook and cranny of the market to find out the best one. Check out the functions of each of the free collaboration softwares. You can also ask your fellow peers and employees for their recommendations,. If if they have used any free collaboration software in the former workplace and how effective it was. Take note of these recommendations. Ask them what worked best. Introspect whether you too need the same features. Search the internet for the same free collaboration tools and create a list of them.

Compare the free collaboration tools

Once you have listed down a few names, it is time for you to compare them. You need to look at the features they are offering during the free period, their efficacy, the price of the same, once the trial period is over. After comparing all these factors narrow down your options to a few that you think fit your needs and offer attractive features as free collaboration apps. Now, discuss the available options with your employees and take their votes. Choose the one that gets the maximum number of votes.

Arrange a demo

Once you have chosen the free collaboration software, schedule a demo of the product. Talk to the service provider and arrange for the demonstration. You can either contact them via their contact details or simply book a slot through their website.

Test the collaboration app

The next step is to test the free collaboration app. For this, you need to form a small team and let them use the application. Closely speculate the ease at which they are able to use the app in terms of communication, accessing files and information, storage of data and security of the app and so on. Take their feedback once they have thoroughly used the application. Ask them about the features they liked the least or most, whether it is time-consuming or can be used swiftly, the user-friendliness of the interface and so on. Besides this, you should also interact with the customer service team. You should invest some time and check how they are using the software.

Implement the free collaboration software

Once you have carefully perused the functionality and efficacy of the free collaboration software, you need to apply it in your organisation. You must choose a specific date on which you want to introduce the application to the entire organisation. You must also pay attention to an important aspect while introducing the new application that is, the necessary training period required for the entire team in order to have a thorough understanding of its interface and its usage.

The best collaboration app

One of the best free collaboration tools available in the market is Crotle. There are multiple reasons for this.

● Crotle provides a storage of 5GB 10 GB for every account.
● Crotle has the feature of availing additional 10 GB, 20 GB and 30 GB storage. Top ten features of a good Online Project Management SoftwareTop ten features of a good Online Project Management Software at just Rs.150 which is the same for purchased accounts too.
● It comes with a document library which makes storing and sharing documents effortless.
● Crotle offers a free trial period of one year which is a distinct offer when compared with its peers.

Test the collaboration app

Jot down a few of the best project management software along with their prices. Look who is offering what features and at what price. Take the votes of your employees and narrow down your options to the top five applications. Choosing the online project management software Crotle is not only cost-effective but also helps you handle the projects of your firm seamlessly.

Given all these features, it would be a wise decision to give Crotle a try for your organisation. Moreover, once the trial period is over, you can purchase the account at a price as low as Rs. 300 per account with unlimited users per account. Besides this, using this free collaborative software comes with certain impressive features such as hassle-free communication between members, increasing the productivity of the team and so on. The bottom line is, you should definitely start using free collaboration software if you have not used any yet.

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