Top ten features of a good Online Project Management Software

A project manager has an infinite number of responsibilities on his shoulders. He has to plan and organise meetings, decide the budget, keep tabs on his employees, and many more. The task of project management can become overwhelming on days when there is an immense workload. The best solution to this problem is to purchase an online project management software that can make multitasking easy and effortless. While having online project management software has increasingly become a popular solution to get a grip on time-consuming activities, it is essential to purchase a project management software that serves all your needs.

Essential features of a good project management software

A good project management software should have certain features that will help you to manage your team effectively. The internet provides an infinite number of options for project management software. However, choosing the accurate one from hundreds of options is not an easy task. Hence, we have provided the most crucial features of project management that the best project management software should have.

Planning and scheduling of projects

The first and foremost step in successful team management is planning the tasks and activities for the teammates and assigning those tasks to them. When you have the tasks for each teammate planned out and assigned, it becomes easier for you to keep away from possible misunderstandings. Thus, you need to have a project management software that helps you to assign tasks and schedule deadlines seamlessly. A good project management software must have the feature of a shared team calendar that would ensure that all the team members are notified about upcoming team meetings and they attend those at the given time. The feature of the planning and scheduling task must help in the following ways.

  • • It will give you a fair idea of the time slots assigned to the team members and the time slots that are not yet scheduled.
  • • You will have an understanding of whom you can allocate the tasks in the successive steps of the project.
  • • You can make space for the high-priority tasks first at times of need by shifting the existing tasks to a later time.
File Sharing

A good project management software should have the feature of file sharing that will enable the team members to upload and access information whenever needed. This will make it easier for team members to access files and provide them with the flexibility to work from home or any other place to meet their deadlines. The file-sharing application should also enable you to automatically share the files once created without any hassle.

Team communication

A project team consists of a large number of team members who work on a particular task. More often than not, team members need to have a look at the work of their co-mates to tweak their own. Thus, a good project management software should come with the added feature of several channels of communication. This will help the team members to communicate freely with each other and review the work of others if need.

Real-time collaboration

One of the most essential features of good project management software is the option of real-time collaboration with team members. This is absolutely important when too many of the team members are assigned the same task. Imagine three people assigned to work on the same document and have made changes that the others are unaware of! This will lead to immense confusion and disorder. In order to keep track of the changes made by the team members, it is important to collaborate in real-time.

Storing and speedy access to data

It is important that you collate all your documents and data in one place. Using spreadsheets is not enough for this purpose. You need to have effective online project management software that has this feature of storing all the data related to their tasks, be it previous or upcoming. It must also store customer data, bills, resources, and other relevant things to the project and can be accessed in one place with a tap or two. Thus, while looking for project management software for your team, you must closely speculate the nature of the information that you can store in that application and whether it serves the purpose for your firm.


The best project management software will have the feature of reporting that will have all the information related to your former project data and will aid you in creating personalized reports. For instance, you can have the reports on tasks completed, budgets, expenses, the performance of the members, etc. As a pool of data already exists in your project management software, you can make fresh reports at any given time by choosing from the given parameters and create a customised report based on your project needs.

Resource Management

As a project manager, you have tabs on the use of project resources, including material required and used and so on. A helpful project management software must have the feature of effective management of resources. This feature enables to keep a track of the planned and scheduled resources and compute the cost of their usage. It also helps in avoiding problems arising from a dearth of resources and over assignments. You can instantly realise whether a resource has been over utilised or underutilised and set the guidelines accordingly.

Budget Management

A project management tool should help you to monitor the project’s budget as well as offer clear and speedy reports on the budget. Many project management softwares has have the option of providing monthly and weekly reports on the expenditures related to the project. Such tools will also help you notice if the project is going above the budget. You can even create access rights for specific team members with whom it is essential to share the budget details.


An essential feature of effective project management software is its ease of use. Using a project management software that is difficult to understand and use will confuse the team members. Moreover, the interface should be such that it is easy to comprehend and does not take much time for them to get used to. Crotle deserves a special mention in this aspect as it has a simplified, user-friendly interface.


Features of project management must include a robust security system that prevents the leak of sensitive data and information. It should also safeguard your information from third-party agents and hackers.

Although these are the much-needed features that any good project management software must have, you must always look for the one that has the features your projects require the most. Moreover, you can also look for project management software that offers a free trial so that you get a fair understanding of the use and effectiveness of the software.

One of the top online project management software that has incredible features and has proven to be effective for many firms and businesses is Crotle. They It offers a free trial as well. Go for Crotle and manage your projects effortlessly!

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