Task Management simplified with a kanban board

Operation management can be simply described as managing the operations of any company, but the process is much more detailed. Planning the tasks and strategies, executing them and supervising the whole operations combine together to complete the operations management process. Needless to say, operations management and its tactics vary from one company to another. However, the core value and objective remain the same. Operations management aims to carry out the operations of a company flawlessly and reach the business target.

Over the years, new trends have emerged in operations management leading to a noticeable development in the field. The year 2021 will be facing some new trends as well. The recent situations and work from home culture have contributed to the unfolding trends to a great extend.

Information on mobile

According to some research, there is going to be a dramatic 50% increase in the enterprise data that is created, processed and distributed, outside the data centre. This indicates an increasing mobile dependency.

Most people are going to find the information on their mobile devices, which will also make them an integral part of the IT infrastructure for any organisation. Therefore, the format of the information should be designed in a way so that it can fit over the mobile screen easily.

Steady Organisational Communication

In the year 2021, communication is the key to better performance for every organisation. When a part of the staff of organisations is working from their home, it is important to set up an efficient communication channel to convey the message and get the response clearly. 1. Gives structure

One of the common predicaments of small businesses is that their operations are not always well structured, and they keep working according to norms and habits that have been followed traditionally. Collaboration tools have been very successful in helping small businesses break out of their traditional ways of working and helped them adopt modern methods of carrying outd operations.

Especially collaboration tools like Crotle task management tool have helped many small businesses structure their operations by defining a clear chain of command and reducing confusion between team members and own.

Your operation management tools, must include any such channel using which you can effectively manage communication between employees and your clients so that the workflow stays undisrupted even during remote working.

Mobile Communication is the Key

Mobile communication is a term from which we all are aware. Whether we are sending an important email to a client or paying for our groceries, we often use our mobile for plenty of such activities in a day.

For any operational manager, it is important to tap the power that mobile phones hold these days because mobile phones can play a crucial role in operations management solutions. You need to make your internal communication and business operations in such a way that they can be accessed over a mobile phone.

Safety comes first

You are only going to get benefits from your employee if the employee is healthy and able to do work efficiently. In recent times, when health is paramount, employers should make the safety of the employees paramount.

As an operation manager, you must keep updated with all the safety-related information. You further must find ways to keep your employees informed with all the updates as all employees may not have easy access to information. Ensure the current operations of your company are in accord with the safety regulations. Incorporate operations management tools that will help to maintain health and safety standards.

Enhance the Employee Experience

A satisfied employee means better quality and pace of work. The smooth operations of any organisation depend on their employee. Keeping these facts in mind, 2021 is sure to witness a more employee-centric work culture.

To achieve and successfully operate an employee-centric workspace, operations management should be done keeping employee satisfaction in mind. Create an employee-friendly work environment. Use high-end operation management software to boost their productivity and remove obstacles from their way.

Meet demand and supply

The lockdown of 2020 saw a sudden shift in the behaviour of consumers that led operational managers to change the way they provide the products and services to them. Last year, people were staying inside homes and ordered most of the stuff online with a demand for delivery as soon as possible. The increasing online orders in the companies with limited production led to the delay in the delivery of their services.

The situation has remained almost the same in 2021. People still depend on online delivery systems. Instead of buying one or two, people are buying things in bulk and storing them. Owing to this trend, at times, the supply of a particular product is very high and at other times, there is no demand. So the operations management solutions must include the creation of an agile and high-responsive team to meet the demand of their customers.

Understanding the demand of customers

The focus of operational managers should be focused on the needs of their customers. If you can know what your customers want, it would be great because you will produce the products that suit your customers best, thereby making yourself sure that they will choose your product.

Apart from the quality of the product, your focus should be equally divided on the delivery time, installation, and after-sale service to keep the customers completely satisfied.

Taking feedbacks to enhance customer relations

After the setbacks triggered by Covid-19, creating a good business-consumer relationship using an online medium would be a great idea to know and deliver what your customers want. In this sense, creating a well-designed, user-friendly feedback medium will help the operational managers to make further strategies for the organisation’s growth.

The feedback forms should be short, well-defined, and objective type that does not demand too much of your customers’ time. There is some operation management software that you can use to interact with your employees and customers.


Unexpected events of 2020 also changed the demands and priorities of customers. Now more people are ordering products online and expecting safe delivery and safe after-sale service of the products.

The operational management team must look out for creating new ways to deliver the products safely without putting anyone’s life in danger. The customer-responsive team should be easily available and products should be designed in a way so that people can easily install (if necessary) and use the product.

Removing the new obstacles

Among the many things 2020 has taught us, readiness is an important lesson. Making predictions and running business upon those predictions can be risky, although many business strategies can be based on that. However, the key is to stay prepared for whatever may come.

Operation management should have flexibility. It should be capable of adapting to new methods and tactics if the need be. Operation managers must have the flexibility and must make their workspace flexible as well.

An operational manager should follow the trends that can increase productivity along with the personal growth of the company’s employees. He or she further chooses a customer-centric approach to satisfy customers and generate more revenue. Using an operations management tool or software is always a smart move to create an undisrupted space for collaboration and communication.

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