Task Management simplified with a kanban board

A project consists of various tasks and knowing how to manage them properly allows the completion of the project in time. The project managers can transform ambitious ideas into workable plans with the help of apps like kanban boards for project management. This powerful tool provides a centralised hub that streamlines all the list, task and files for the team members.

The various tasks of a project are further classified into micro-tasks having all the nitty-gritty details. Every minute details of the sub-task are equally important, which drives forward towards the goal of the overall project. A kanban board software mainly prioritises the status instead of due dates that enables to move these sub-tasks through standard project stages. This allows the team to have an instant glance of work-in-progress and identify the bottlenecks.

The kanban project management system handles multiple tasks simultaneously and gives a clear visualisation of the work. The kanban board can be a great implementation to your workflow that will help to yield better results for the business objectives.

How task management gets simplified with a kanban board?

Splitting goals into actionable tasks

The main aim of an organisation is to accomplish the big project, but to achieve it there are a series of tasks that need to be completed. The kanban board online allows dividing the big projects into smaller tasks. This app lets you invite the client, team members and others to collaborate together on the project. It basically happens on two levels: board and card.

Every board comes with its individual settings that allow inviting new members. The organisation can add fellow members from other companies as well as their employees. Cards also have members or assigned users with a different purpose. Both of these features help to stay connected and get notifications for the related activities. It manages the project and identifies the obstacles so that the project reaches the ultimate goal.

Speed up workflow

The kanban boards for project management efficiently handles the transparency about the work distribution and also helps to identify the existing bottlenecks. The team members can quickly see the workflow depending upon the complexity of the work.

It also comes up with crucial productivity metrics like cycle time and throughput. The cycle time reveals how much time it takes for a task to complete and pass through the process, while throughput is used to keep a counton the tasks delivered during a specific time. These features continuously keep track of productivity and enable team members to complete tasks on time.

Better visualisation

The kanban board online have the visualisation feature, that enables the user to fetch all the details related to the task in front of their eyes. The team members can easily detect the lacking that is pulling them away from the goal. In a typical physical board, the bottlenecks are represented through red magnets or pins. Similarly, in a digital kanban board, the blockers are indicated with blocked cards or stop signals.

When a card gets blocked, the team members will be alerted, and they can proceed to the next card that is in WIP mode without breaking the limit. The kanban board highlights every problem, which can be fixed timely to streamline the work.

Enhanced teamwork

The conventional task management practices deal with the planning and allocating the task to the team members. This sometimes creates struggle and bottlenecks in different ways. The kanban board software imposes a work-in-progress limit on each process. This helps the team to focus on a particular task until the WIP limit is reached.

By focusing on work, the team members avoid splitting between various other work items. Additionally, team members benefit from work overload in the kanban system by pulling out the task from the workflow as per their capabilities.

Minimise cycle time

The team members work effortlessly in reducing the backlogs when they are working under the kanban methodology. Through the visual representations on the kanban boards and cards, the decision-making process can happen swiftly within the team members. Instead of wandering around what to do, each member is empowered to proceed with their task more specifically.

The team members are self-organised for being aware of the process and workflow with the visualisation on kanban. As a result, time management skills are automatically adopted and practised.

Reduced waste

The kanban board manages all the resources efficiently as the task status can be easily overviewed and updated accordingly. This reduces the additional wastage from every aspect of the project. The online kanban board free is better than the physical post-it notes to scribble different things one needs to remember. The cards can have more than one task lists, limitless space to make notes, attach related files, and many other things.

Kanban-style, also comes with a tagging option in a task just like social media by mentioning the username. It minimises defects, over-production, communication gaps, over-processing, unnecessary motion, and waiting. This ensures that one takes the necessary steps to complete the objective of the project in time without involving in redundant work. The overall task is easy to find, which helps in maintaining the balance in the workflow.

Improved work collaboration

The implementation of kanban software promotes real-time communication among the team members. The employees working on a particular task can frequently collaborate to discuss the work. A team can easily prioritise the activity of day with the standup meeting to strategic reviews.

The members of the team are encouraged to share their opinions on the work front and improve the current process. The kanban board gives a clear visualisation that enables to take a quick glance to discuss relevant information, collaborate on innovative ideas and brainstorm solutions for meetings.

Knowing how to use the kanban methodology will help in simplifying the process of task management. The technique significantly put stress on the participation of each team member and help them to focus better on the task that leads towards the goal of the project. An organisation can start with the free online kanban board initially. Later on, it can implement the premium versions that helps to get a smoother workflow through improving quality and productivity.