Perfect Task Management Software Options to Keep Your Team On-Track

It is necessary to plan, test, track and report tasks for smooth operations in any business. However, given the large sizes of teams, it can be tedious to keep track of deadlines, task allocation and task completion. With the onset of the Coronavirus, a large amount of workforce has been moved to the work-from-home environment. With the unprecedented increase in remote-workers, there has been a complete paradigm shift in the way we view work-task management.

In today’s day and age, effective collaboration amongst teams is imperative to drive organizational success at large. Large and small businesses alike, depend on effective measures to track and drive accountability of work allocation and completion.

Online Task Management Tools

Online task management tools help in the attainment of clarity in all stages of project evolution.

Although simple spreadsheets can also be used as a task management tool, they are limited by their functionalities. Task management software, on the other hand, has revolutionized the world of work task management.

A Task management software is specifically designed to ensure productivity by clear, detailed and effective work task allocation. It assists not only in estimation and project planning, but also drives real-time updates in resource allocation with changes in the nature of projects.

Some key advantages that they provide for project management:

  1. ● Readily available actionable insights from the project workflow
    ● Help in risk management of data-loss by centralization of work, thereby increasing efficiency
    ● Promoting teamwork through clear and crisp directions and status
    ● Anytime, anywhere management of tasks, at all stages of the project
    ● Boundless scalability in project creation customization
    ● The flexibility of options in all the stages of project completion timelines

Making the Right Decision

Although there are a plethora of options available when it comes to task management apps,choosing the right fit would save you time, cost and effort!

The difference between good and great work task management software lies in the flexibility and options offered in handling workflow management.

Enter Crotle

Crotle is a leading open-source task management tool that offers just the right balance between ease of operation and detailed reporting. It is a one-stop solution that ensures complete synchronicity between remote working teams. Its features are designed to create a seamless user experience.

There are several interesting features that make Crotle stand-out in the crowd of open-source task management software. All of them are geared towards making you in-charge of each step in the process and providing complete project control.

  1. 1. Project Management: The Kanban and Swimlanes views in Crotle ensure optimum project management through meetings, programs and initiatives. Mapping and organization of detailed steps in project life-cycle is a child’s play through its interface. The software promotes higher productivity through options to delegate sub-tasks within a larger task. Managers can easily look at the progress and compile reports for performance within the team.

    2. Organizational Management: Managers can add or remove members from the teams with their respective project details with the tool. One of the best features it has is the option to select exclusive permissions for individual team-members, according to the authority and their role in the project. These permissions are editable and can be altered in different stages of the project. Hence, goals can be timely achieved when every individual is able to drive self-performance.

    3. Dashboard: Crotle’s dashboard is the epitome of intelligent craftsmanship. With its clear and crisp representation, you would get used to it in no time!
    It is extremely transparent with the status of ongoing and pending tasks. Task-flagging is represented for important tasks as well. Job authority can be seen in the single-screen dashboard, so each team is accountable for its specific tasks.
    The best part of it, however, is that you would not have to spend a single buck to get your access. For a limited time, Crotle is offering a no-strings-attached trial and that too for a complete year!

    4. Document Library: One of the biggest issues that large teams face is miscommunication, especially in the remote working space. Clear and effective communication is absolutely necessary to ensure all stages of project development are met with sheer commitment and dedication.
    To tackle this, Crotle’s interface has a document library which acts as a custodian of records. It tracks data, files and documents at one, easy to locate area so any miscommunication can be ruled out. Forget worrying about location files with its options of easy uploads and anytime downloads. This feature alone makes Crotle one of the best out there.

    5. Notes and Reminders: Whether it’s that important conference call or a big presentation, our minds sometimes offer glimpses of genius when we least expect it. The inbuilt feature of notes really comes in handy when scribbling our ideas. It also allows team members to share their ideas on the common platform and mutually evolve. Reminders are also included to prompt when necessary, so you do not miss that important deadline.

    6. Self-improvement: While as a manager you strive towards driving team-performance, it goes without saying that personal growth also matters. To facilitate this, the platform allows storing and tracking your goals. Team-mates can also record their personal growth and it can be downloaded before exiting the organization.

Crotle’s ingenious design, flexibility, features and ease of usage have made it the choice of hundreds of corporate houses, managers and entrepreneurs.

With the free one-year trial, there is simply nothing to lose. Click here to sign up today.