Task Management simplified with a kanban board

Business operations can be complex processes which need different departments and individuals to come together and carry out their work in a coordinated manner.

Without the right support systems, however, business operations can often become sluggish and inefficient, which can create many problems for business owners like increasing costs and loss of business, etc. Problems such as these can break the morale of business owners and employees and even cause irreversible damage to a promising business idea.

Technology has come to the forefront in many aspects of our lives, and the field of operations management is also not unknown to it. There are many online products available these days that allow companies to streamline their business operations and carry out their work in a more efficient manner. Crotle, for example, is one such operations management tool that allows companies to systematically structure all their tasks and projects and carry them out in a planned manner.

The right operations management tool can help you make your business operations more coherent and more effective. Here are some ways in which operations management solutions can help your business:

1. Streamlining operations

One of the common problems in business operations is chaos and confusion caused by systems and procedures that are not comprehensive and well thought out. Such problems get in the way of efficient operations, adversely affecting the results.

A comprehensive operations management tool can, however, help you overcome these systemic issues by providing a proper functional structure to your business operations and by allowing you to streamline all the processes.

For example, a task management tool like Crotle allows you to categorise your operations into tasks and projects, which can be further broken down into sub-tasks and jobs. This lets you carry out your operations in a structured and step-wise manner so that all the aspects are given meticulous attention.

2. Bringing clarity in delegation

If the delegation of work is not done properly, it can lead to issues like duplication of work and conflicts between team members, etc. And, unnecessarily this can draw the energy of business owners and team members.

All that is required to solve this problem is a clear & transparent system of delegation, and this makes project management software the perfect solution.

A proper project management system allows you to give clear and unambiguous instructions to people who are given responsibility for a task or project. This reduces the possibility of duplication of work and also allows you to observe whether a person entrusted with a task/project is carrying out their responsibility with due diligence.

The chain of command is another aspect that is related to delegation. A good project management system establishes a proper chain of command. This helps managers and team leaders to keep an eye on the progress of tasks and projects and allows them to have better control over their teams.

3. Enabling collaboration

One of the challenges in business is that employees or team members are not able to share the workload, which leads to the entire business operations getting slowed down.

Operations management tools can help companies overcome this problem with its collaboration capabilities. Many operations management tools allow individual team members with varied skills and capabilities to come together and collaborate on specific tasks and projects.

By collaborating on tasks/projects, team members can take help from others wherever they get stuck, and it also allows for work to be carried out according to the larger strategic objectives. This also helps improve the work culture in the business as it builds a more cooperative team environment in which all members share responsibility.

4. Better reporting

The reporting capabilities of operations management tools are arguably their most important feature. It allows owners and managers to keep an eye on all that is going on in the company.

The reports and summaries that operations management tools generate allow owners and managers to make a fair assessment of the tasks/projects and help them identify challenges being faced by the teams. These reports become the basis on which corrective actions and decisions can be taken. These reports are also helpful in judging the performance of the company as a whole. Crotle, for example, provides a snapshot of all the tasks and projects and also gives real-time updates for better control.

5. Improved performance management

The performance of individual employees and teams play a big role in the overall performance of the company/organisation. And the success or failure of an organisation depends on how well its employees perform.

Apart from supporting business operations, some of the top project management tools also double up as performance appraisal systems; they allow owners and managers to evaluate the performances of individual employees and teams.

Team leaders and managers can use this resource to identify people who are performing well and the ones who are struggling. And based on their appraisal, they can help employees in improving their performance.

6. Improvement in overall efficiency

The purpose behind operations management software is to create the right conditions in which operations can be carried out efficiently. And by providing the features that we have mentioned above, operations tools help create an environment that enables efficiency.

They enable business operations with the proper structure and tools, which allow businesses to make the best use of the available resources and also improve operational efficiency over some time. In addition to this, operations management tools also help in building a culture of efficiency in the company/organisation.


Operations management tools are useful in creating systems and processes that are sustainable and which help companies remain on the growth path for longer periods. Constant improvements in a company’s performance keep the owners as well as the employees motivated and involved in business operations. By adopting the right operations management tool, you too can draw a clear path of improvements in your business operations and keep your employees involved and motivated for a long time.