Task Management simplified with a kanban board

Small businesses constitute a large portion of our economies, but generally, we tend to ignore their management needs and challenges. Running a small business may seem easy from the outside, but once you get into the nitty-gritty of the daily operations, you’ll see that those small businesses can be just as complex.

Until now, small businesses had found it hard to leverage technology to run their businesses, but with more innovation and new products being launched, many small businesses have learned to use technology in their favor.

The internet, which is otherwise assumed to support big businesses, has also provided a platform for small businesses to do better. There are many innovative tools available online that help small entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. One of the products that small businesses have found rather helpful is online collaboration apps for work.

There are many different kinds of collaboration tools like file-sharing platforms, communication tools, video conferencing tools, etc. However, in this blog, we will discuss enterprise collaboration tools and task management tools that allow businesses to digitise their operations & internal communications and help them improve their efficiency.

Let us see how collaboration tools can help small businesses improve their productivity:

1. Gives structure

One of the common predicaments of small businesses is that their operations are not always well structured, and they keep working according to norms and habits that have been followed traditionally. Collaboration tools have been very successful in helping small businesses break out of their traditional ways of working and helped them adopt modern methods of carrying out operations.

Especially collaboration tools like Crotle task management tool have helped many small businesses structure their operations by defining a clear chain of command and reducing confusion between team members and owner.

With the help of task management tools, owners can easily assign tasks to particular team members, thereby giving clarity about who is responsible for which task. The tasks can also be broken down into sub-tasks and jobs, which ensures that the workflow is maintained and that the task gets carried out most meticulously and efficiently.

To put it in simpler terms, task management tools allow owners of small businesses to bring some much-needed order into their way of working. If you have a small business and you wish to try out a collaboration tool, you can give a shot to any free collaboration software available online.

2. Enables collaboration

Another peculiar aspect of small businesses is that very often responsibilities are based on the shoulders of one particular person. Many small businesses have that ‘one manager’ or ‘one team leader’ who takes most of the responsibility and whose performance can unanimously affect the performance of that business. This scenario, however, is quite unfavorable for owners as these employees can choose to move to other jobs at any time.

Collaboration tools are helpful in this regard, as they allow multiple team members to collaborate and work together on particular tasks or projects. Task management tools like Crotle allow owners of small businesses to assign tasks to two or more team members and give them the collective responsibility for that job.

This feature of collaboration tools has many advantages. To begin with, team members with varied skills and capabilities are able to collaborate on tasks and produce the best possible results; it also gives all the team members an opportunity to contribute equally. The most prominent advantage, however, is that the whole team learns to take responsibility for the tasks, and, unlike in traditional small businesses, the responsibility does not fall on the shoulders of one person.

3. Allows better Control

In small businesses, the owners have to supervise a whole lot of operations, and there is a good chance that many activities fly under the radar. Problems like these can get in the way of business growth and can also increase the prospect of wasteful expenses. Collaboration tools can, however, help small entrepreneurs to deal with these problems quite easily.

The interface of Task management collaboration tools like Crotle allows owners to have a clear picture of all the tasks and projects that are being carried out by the company. On the collaboration tool, the owner can check which team members have responsibility for particular tasks and projects. She/he can also check if the tasks and projects are being completed in the stipulated timeline or not. If the owner observes that the performance in some tasks/projects is lackluster or the work is getting delayed, she/he can take corrective action when it is needed the most.

If the collaboration tool is set-up properly, the owner can get real-time information on all the tasks and operations, and the probability of things flying under the radar also gets reduced.

4. Encourages efficiency

The one thing that makes it hard for small & medium scale businesses to compete with large businesses is “efficiency.” Generally, large businesses are a lot more efficient in their operations as compared to small businesses.

However, with all the features that collaboration tools provide, small businesses can streamline their operations and produce the best possible results. When features like structured workflow, clear assigning of tasks and projects, and authentic, real-time reporting, etc. function together, work is bound to happen efficiently.

Over the long run, collaboration tools also help in developing a good work culture in the company. People with different capabilities learn to cooperate and work together on tasks and projects. Collaboration tools not only bring efficiency to business operations but also help owners and employees to develop a cohesive relationship over a period.


By choosing the right collaboration tool, you can help your business run smoothly and give it a fair chance at success. If you are apprehensive about investing in collaboration tools, you can try the free collaboration apps available online. And among the free collaboration tools available online, you can identify one that is best for your business.