Task Management simplified with a kanban board

The role that teams play in the success of an organisation is critical, to say the least. Effective teams can help a company/organisation achieve all the objectives that it had set out to achieve. Lacklustre teams on the other hand can pull down the performance of a company and become a serious obstacle to its success.

It is no surprise, therefore, that in the field of management, ‘teamwork’ is given so much importance. Many leading organisations around the world invest heavily in fostering teamwork and enable their teams in many different ways.

These days technology and innovation are also making their presence felt in the area of teamwork. Many innovative online platforms have come up, which allow teams to streamline their work and improve their performance. The latest of these innovations have been online task management tools like Crotle.

What is Crotle?

Crotle is a SaaS-based online task management tool. It helps organisations/groups in managing their tasks and projects better by facilitating collaboration between teams and individuals and also by streamlining all the work processes. The simple and comprehensive architecture of Crotle allows organisations to manage teams and tasks with ease. It helps cut down the confusion, brings “clarity of purpose” to the teams and makes them more efficient.

The simple and comprehensive architecture of Crotle allows organisations to manage teams and tasks with ease. It helps cut down the confusion, brings “clarity of purpose” to the teams and makes them more efficient.

Crotle inspires a culture-of-efficiency in teams”

There are many ways in which Crotle helps in improving team performance. Here are some of the defining features of this tool that help in keeping teams on track:

1. Effective collaboration amongst team members

A team functions effectively only when the independent members of that team carry out their allotted tasks and cooperate. This, however, is easier said than done in the absence of any structure. Collaboration among team members is something that is not always ingrained but, has to be cultivated. And to inculcate a habit of collaboration among team members, organisations need to provide them with the necessary environment and structure.

If you are running a team that is not cohesive and is underperforming as a result, Crotle task management tool is something you will find very useful. There are many features in this tool that help team members to collaborate better. The collaboration capability of Crotle allows team members with different capabilities to come together on a particular task and collaborate effectively. Taking the example of an advertising agency, a copywriter and a graphics person can come together for a particular campaign and collaborate effectively, thereby ensuring that their efforts are aligned with the theme of the campaign.

The advantage with Crotle is that it provides the structure and the tools which enable individual team members to not only do their part but also collaborate with other members to carry out a task.

2. Improved delegation and supervision of tasks

From a project manager/team leader’s point of view, the delegation of tasks to the right people is of utmost importance. Only when the right group of people is assigned a task will it be carried out with efficiency and give the best possible output.

By using Crotle, you can create a task and assign team members to it depending on the competencies and skills that are needed for that particular task. This helps maintain transparency about which team members have been assigned what tasks and also allows team leaders/project managers to keep an eye on the assigned work.

By simplifying the process of delegation, this task management tool enables managers and team leaders to better supervise the work. After the task has been assigned to a group of team members, the manager can observe the progress in that task and see if it gets completed in the expected timeline.

This hassle-free delegation of work allows team leaders to work on multiple tasks simultaneously. It lets them make the best use of the skills and competencies of individual team members by assigning them to the right tasks for the right amount of time.

3. Real-time Reporting

Another way Crotle helps managers and team leaders in managing their teams better is by providing information on the progress of tasks and projects and other detailed reports.

The dashboard of Crotle is one of its main advantages. To begin with, this dashboard provides a quick snapshot of all that is going on within the teams; it gives real-time updates on the tasks being carried out by the teams, which lets team leaders have better control. Access to real-time updates allow managers and team leaders to take corrective action when they are needed the most; it also lets them intervene on tasks that are taking more time than what was scheduled.

This dashboard is also important with respect to planning and allocation of resources. By looking at the dashboard, the manager/team leader can make a good assessment of all the work at hand, and he/she can then allocate team members to the respective tasks accordingly. The transparency with which Crotle presents the data helps managers and team leaders make the best use of the available resources.

As far as business owners are concerned, the reporting capability of Crotle helps them assess if the company is going in the right direction and whether the performances of teams and the managerial staff are up to the mark. It helps them identify structural and workflow management issues in their organisation.

4. Seamless Workflow management

Confusion, duplication and chaos are some of the common problems from which teams suffer. These problems can be quite vexing for team members and managers alike and can also lead to unnecessary conflicts amongst team members. Clear delegation and step-by-step structuring of the tasks are essential for the teams to carry out their work without confusion. Crotle allows team leaders/managers to assign tasks and sub-tasks to the right team members, thereby, clearly assigning responsibility for a task and also avoiding confusion amongst team members.

Another need for proper workflow management is a clear command structure. Crotle clearly defines the chain of command and allows the team leaders/managers to lead their teams with adequate control.

Seamless workflow is the natural result of clear delegation and an established chain of command, and, Crotle with its simple interface and well-thought-out architecture, provides both in equal measure. Organisations that have co-opted this tool have seen a clear improvement concerning duplication of work and confusion among team members.

5. Other features

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, there are many other features that make Crotle the best task management software available online. It provides a document library which allows all the important documents to be kept in one place so that it can be accessed by team members as and when it is needed. For individual members, it provides features like notes and checklist, etc that allow them to plan their work better and keep an eye on their professional as well as their personal goals.

Crotle at work…

Be it collaboration,delegation of work, improved workflow, or transparency there are many ways in which Crotle has helped bring efficiency to team management. Companies and organisations which have subscribed to this task management tool have witnessed a distinct improvement in their operations. It has allowed teams to communicate efficiently and has helped to create a more organised working environment.