Best Project Management Blogs to Follow in 2021!

To become a vital part of today’s business landscape, enhancing your project management skills is vital. Project management blogs are designed to assist professionals in getting the best out of their team-leading practices through reviews, tools and information.

Features of Project Management

Industry experts exclaim that by the end of 2021, about 30% of the total global workforce would be working from home. This massive shift in the way we have been working has huge repercussions on business decisions.

Some of the key features of project management are planning, reporting, resource management and collaboration. From ages, successful project management has relied on the project manager’s ability to effectively lead teams towards pre-defined goals within a specific deadline. However, with the entry of another crucial factor of the remote work environment, this variable mix has evolved.

To facilitate this, smart project management apps and software came into being. Looking at current developments, it is clear that the future holds bright prospects for them. 

Project Management Blogs

Some of the best project management softwares have consistent updates and improvements to tackle new challenges. Let us look at how project management blogs are reshaping the information flow in this industry.

Since the field is evolving rapidly, the flow of information can be overwhelming. A one-stop reservoir of knowledge that is simple to read, yet offers highly sought after expertise in the area is what you need!

Crotle’s blog knocks the ball right out of the park with this. The blog posts lay down all necessary steps for successful implementation of your work from home strategy. It helps industry leaders to stay updated with recent updates and developments in the task management world.

Crotle’s expertise in blog’s updates comes from its users' experience with its in-house, online project planning tool. With its vast array of features like dashboards, document library and notes, it is one of the best project management softwares out there.

The tool’s dashboard is unlike any other. Its simple interface showcases tasks, lists, calendars, team-members and timelines for efficient task management, from the beginning to completion. An online project planning tool should allow ease of access to the most detailed data reports and the Crotle does just that.

The blog addresses concerns on fostering better teamwork during remote jobs through simple yet highly effective methods.

Right expectation setting

Every top-notch project manager would agree that expectation setting is the underlying principle in desired project outcomes. Crotle’s project management app lets you work within a structured framework that ensures high productivity within the team. You can set goals, timelines, job authority and chain of command with the click of a button!

They say the devil is in the details, and these days, ignoring the minutest of things can cost you the entire project. Hence, the dashboard gives you all that you need, in one place. You can get right to the business, without having to deal with complicated options and things hiding in plain sight.

Efficient virtual meetings

Even before the movement of a large chunk of the workforce is fully remote environments, team meetings have been a significant part of the business world. However, it's no secret that meetings are a time-consuming affair. The fact that we must make the most out of them can not be stressed enough.

Setting the meeting agenda well in advance, allocating responsibilities, assigning targets and recognizing great work are just some of the things that meetings accomplish. Using Crotle’s dashboard fosters a smooth progression of the meetings through a one-page description of everything important about the project. The timelines can be synched right then and there with the inbuilt calendars and the minutes can be jotted down conveniently through the notes application. In the follow-up meeting, project progress with individual performance is visible through the online tool’s interface as well.

Fostering work-life balance

With remote work on the rise, the overall time spent at work can rob us of quality time spent with friends and family. Some of us also find it wise to allocate the time otherwise used in our daily commute to offices towards enhancing our overall productivity.

On the bright side, this has shortened our timelines, on the other hand, more and more employees are reporting a disturbing work-life balance. Crotle’s free project management software online version offers an efficient solution to this common problem.

Its usage reduces the time duration spent on keeping a manual track of tasks. Add this to a dedicated workspace at your home, a well-meaning discussion with family about work-related boundaries and you’re good to go. Templates available in the tool are a notable feature, with the help of which you can save for repeatable processes and use them the next time for a new project. You do not have to enter the same information over again and consistency is maintained automatically.

The icing on the cake is the removal of task assignment duplication. With the free project management software online, you can ensure that the task is assigned to a specific individual single-handedly or as a group because after all, too many cooks spoil the broth. There is also no trade-off between ease of use and amount of features offered with Crotle. Even with the increase in project complexity, the dashboard gives you crystal clear reports.

A significant advantage of online project management software lies in its accessibility. You are not location dependent since all the collaborative data can be looked at, worked upon, and extracted globally. One of the blog posts on Crotle talks about how this ties into cutting across organisational lines to drive success.

Kanban Boards

A Kanban board utilizes columns and lists to help you visualize data for a smooth workflow. Kanban is Japanese for ‘visual signal’. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and science proves how visual cues register in our long term memory. In industries like services and IT, we tend to deviate from this and get engrossed in technicalities. For quick and long-term memory impression, the Crotle tool’s dashboard comes integrated with a Kanban board.

Crotle offers it's signature online planning tool as a free, one year trial so you can set up your systems in no time and spend less worrying about work.

Check out the blog resources here and stay updated with the latest in project management.